Cortez Shaw sings Someone Like You at American Idol audition (Video)

Cortez Shaw charmed Randy Jackson to win a Golden Ticket

Sometimes in life, if all else fails, you’ve got to pucker up and kiss a little ass. Ask Cortez Shaw. He knows.

When Cortez went to audition for American Idol in Galveston, he chose to sing Adele’s Someone Like You. Which literally everyone must sing badly, because Jennifer Lopez was moaning that she rarely heard a version that sounded like the record. Anyhow, Cortez started off badly. The vocals weren’t impressive enough and viewers and judges alike were starting to get bored.

Somewhere around the chorus, 20 year old warehouse worker Cortez really raised his game, tackled the high notes with sophistication and ended the song strong. But by this stage, Randy Jackson was flapping his arms around trying to end the audition. But when Randy asks him what else he can sing, Cortez does a little booty smooching – “Aw, come on Randy, you’re my favourite judge, man!”

Randy, of course, should know better. But he’s clearly flattered that someone remembers who he is, since all eyes at this point are on Steven Tyler. And so, Cortez manages to charm his way past Randy and not have to sing another song! Jennifer Lopez jumps in with her commentary:

You’re good looking. You’re sweet. You have a great voice.

Randy mostly echoes J.Lo’s sentiments:

I think that you’re a good looking guy. You have a really good voice…um…yes.

Speaking afterward, Steven Tyler said that he thought Cortez was middle of the road until the chorus. And after receiving three yeses from the judges, Cortez was last seen leaping around with a piece of yellow paper. Destined for Hollywood, baby!

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by Gerard McGarry on January 27th, 2012

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