Controversy! Did Tim Poe Make Up His War Injury on AGT?

Tim Poe sings on America's Got Talent

America is full of patriotic spirit, so there’s plenty of reason to show that you fought for the country when auditioning for a reality talent competition. Timothy Michael Poe won over America’s hearts last night on America’s Got Talent when he shared that he was in an explosion in Afghanistan while on duty that left him with a brain injury and broken back. The brain injury caused a permanent stutter, but he bet the odds and went on to pursue his dream of being a country singer.

His bravery was acknowledged as the crowd gave him a standing ovation. The only problem is Fox News is reporting that there is no record of his injury as there should be. The Minnesota Army National Guard said that Poe was listed as a member from December 2002 through May 2011. From Oct. 10, 2007 to July 15, 2008 he was deployed in Kosovo and spent one month in Afghanistan during 2009. However, there is no record of his injury during this time.

Poe did not claim that he received an award of the Purple Heart for his war injuries, but a representative of the National Guard said he would have received this for such a traumatic injury. There is also no record of this.

AGT and Poe could not be reached for comment. The news source points out that his stutter miraculously disappeared as he sang and spoke with Nick Cannon after the performance.

Do you think someone would go as far for a sympathy vote to make up an incredible backstory like this? It happened on American Idol this year as well with the Gentle Giant.

by Melissa Warner on June 6th, 2012

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