Continuum returns with ‘Second Chances’ (and sets the stage for Season 2)!

Kiera and Alex in Continuum

Continuum returned last night with Second Chances, an episode which smoothly picked up the reins from last season’s epic finale. We got to catch up with our favourite time traveller and her amigos as it turned out that Kiera has been missing since Kagame’s suicide bomb, Alec has moved to the city (spare a thought for whoever has to split the electricity bill with that guy!) and Liber8 undergo a power shift.

As a TV cynic, I’m always fearful that writers will undermine their own winning formula. It happened this year with the second season of Revenge, and with a time travel show, there’s the ever-present danger of writers tripping over loops in the timeline. Luckily, Continuum seemed to transition to the next chapter fairly smoothly. And, it must be said, Simon Barry and his team managed to write a season opener with a twist. We’ll talk about that in a minute though!

Kiera and Alec’s time-conundrum

The episode starts with 2077 Kiera having a nightmare. She’s trapped in an institution and drugged, then wakes up screaming in her bed. We discover at the end of the episode that this is Kiera’s CMR glitching…and it’s because Alec Sadler has selected her for his plan – and uploaded his message to her suit.

During Second Chances, Kiera asks the younger Alec whether it’s possible his older self could be deceiving him. It’s a valid question, but Alec hasn’t told her the whole story. If Alec is intent on undoing the future he created, then that means Kiera’s future may be unwritten. This essentially puts the two at odds – as we suspected – and what’s more, Kiera may have paved the way for a more secretive, isolated Alec when she said:

Future you didn’t get where he did by playing nice and being transparent about his intentions. He’s a powerful man and he protects that power.

Did Kiera just inspire Alec to keep his cards close to his chest?

Liber8’s deadly agenda

The mayor of Vancouver is assassinated. With the help of gigabytes of CCTV footage and Kiera’s suit’s futuristic capabilities, she’s able to assist Carlos in finding exactly where the shot came from. But she begins to suspect that the crime scene is set up to make it look like a Liber8 kill.

Of course, the fantastic twist is that this was a double-bluff. The clues were being subtly dropped throughout the episode, especially when Kiera tells Carlos and Inspector Dillon that Liber8 will want to infiltrate the criminal world, business and politics. And clearly by killing off the mayor, they’ve created an opportunity to put their own candidate in the role. (The flashback to Jim Martin in season one should have been a clue…)

Still, it was a nicely handled misdirect on the part of the writers, making it look like Liber8 was being framed for a brief moment.

The Liber8 organisation obviously have other problems on the horizon. Travis is in prison with Julian, after being gunned down by Sonya. And Sonya’s leadership isn’t being wholeheartedly accepted by Jasmine. I know it’s early days, but I’m intrigued to find out what’s coming next for Liber8 – and how much of this is part of either Kagame or Sadler’s original plan. Assuming that Kagame and Sadler were working together in the future.

Alec’s present future…

I love the decision for move Alec out into the world from his rural isolation. It moves him closer to Kiera and all the action, and it also sets him on the path to adulthood. Watching him take his tentative steps to move into a house share and get a job in a PC store was fun, and we have to wonder if Alec will make an impact in this job. We can’t help wondering if he will begin his rise to tech dominance in this job. It’ll definitely be interesting to watch his journey this season, especially if he’s being influenced by his older self.

Other things I enjoyed about this episode were:

  • Travis coming back from the dead. Like a Terminator. Does he have technology inside him that restarts his heart? It certainly seemed like he received a jolt from within.
  • Kiera’s invisible fighting, and appearing again as she delivered a final kick to someone’s head. That was just awesome!
  • Kellog: “Are you blackmailing me? I have to say, that only makes you more attractive.”
  • Kiera has managed to persuade Carlos and Dillon that it’s better if she works outside the department, but with access to their resources.
  • Kiera: “Was the mayor in the pocket of the corporations?” Carlos: “Have you met a politician who isn’t?”
  • Loved Kiera telling Agent Gardner the unvarnished truth about where she came from. When the truth is that strange, it’s no wonder he didn’t believe her!

by Gerard McGarry on April 22nd, 2013

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One thought on “Continuum returns with ‘Second Chances’ (and sets the stage for Season 2)!

  1. Steve MacLeod says:

    You have written a nice review of the first episode of season 2. Yesterday I had begun to re play this episode so that certain points of plot would not be missed. Like having Alec’s mom show up only to have someone else walk in to his life.
    I do like Americans generally but to avoid the spoilers out there. I do hope they do not read your review. Not until after June 7th. We do want Sy Fy to keep buying the show.

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