Continuum Season 2: Will [SPOILER] get shot in ‘Seconds’?

Continuum - Seconds spoilers

“Every monster starts off as someone’s baby.” Chilling words, Kiera Cameron, but how we’ve missed you!

Continuum resumes its second season on Sunday night with Seconds (yes, they’re running out of ways to cram the word ‘second’ into every episode title). So, now that we have our favourite time travel drama back on the air, what can we expect? Let’s get spoilery…

Here’s the episode synopsis:

Alec’s mother is shot by a bullet meant for Julian while Dillon’s new Liber8 task force is put to the test when Kiera must decide how far she will go to stop Julian’s murderous future.

What we don’t know right now is whether Alec’s mother dies as a result of being shot. If she does, it’ll be the last tie that binds Alec and Julian together as both their parents will be dead now. (Yes, except for that potential other parent…)

Regardless, Seconds seems to be a pivotal episode about Julian being on the threshold of the decisions that will turn him into the Theseus figurehead for Liber8. I’ve always felt that Julian was being manoeuvred into this role by Liber8 anyway, so whether he makes an active decision to become the poster boy for the anti-capitalist uprising has yet to be seen.

We see Alec confronting his step-brother with this piece of advice: “We create our own future. That’s the only destiny that there is.” Is Alec advising Julian that the future isn’t already written, that he can change the future through his own choices?

And on the flipside, Carlos reminds Kiera that Julian is still ultimately a scared little kid. That doesn’t stop her from pulling a gun on him and threatening to end his days: “You wanted to martyr yourself for a terrorist movement? I think it’s time you achieved your goal.” But will she pull the trigger? And if she does, will it have catastrophic effects for the future?

Seconds is the ninth episode of this season of Continuum.

by Gerard McGarry on July 5th, 2013

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