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Charles Carmichael has hung up his spy boots for the last time, folks. And not like the other two last times either. This one’s the last, last time. After five action-packed years, Chuck has ended.

The two-hour finale pulled out all the stops, giving Jeffster a final performance that’ll be talked about down the ages, dropping by some old Chuck sets, like Sarah’s old apartment and the Wienerlicious. Props to the Chuck producers for squeezing Yvonne Strahovski into that uniform one last time! Chuck got himself re-intersected, Casey got his helicopter shot down by Chuck, and everybody’s storylines wrapped up with most of the characters moving on to new adventures.

Chuck never quite managed to recover Sarah’s memory, meaning that she had completely reverted to the Sarah he’d first met – detatched and impersonal and focused on her spy career. Faced with the choice to use the last intersect upload to save Beckman’s life or his wife’s memory, Chuck did the right thing but invariably sacrificed his potential happiness.

I’m feeling a lot of love and affection for Chuck’s finale from the television blogging community, so what I thought we’d do today is tell you what our friends across the blogosphere are saying about the final ever episode.

First up, Camilla wrote down her favourite moments from the two-part finale, in a fond farewell to the show. The list of touching moments is too many to repeat here, but I also loved that scene where Mary Bartowski (Linda Hamilton) pulls a gun on Sarah and Awesome says “Grandma…what did we say about baby Clara seeing firearms?”

Mama Bartowski was one of the funniest parts of the episode, and I loved how it gave way to the brilliant scene of Awesome covering baby Clara’s eyes when Mary is holding a gun in front of her.

And Adam’s review of the finale reminds us that Chuck had sailed close to cancellation so many times that Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz had already written four series finales in five years! But I love how Adam sums up the timeless charm that lies behind the series:

In the end, the beating heart of the show is still the love story between a beauty and a geek. “Chuck” was far from a perfect show, but Chuck and Sarah’s romance was never one of its questionable qualities. We rooted for Chuck to get the girl as much as we cheered him on when he got his fighting upgrades.

The brilliant Chuck This fan blog theorizes that Sarah may have got her memory back in the end. I love this theory, because while everyone else moved on to pastures new, Chuck was back in the same life he had before but his wife had regressed five years. It’s honestly not so sad if you feel that Sarah may have had a breakthrough after the on-screen story ended.

Victoria Paterson did a very clever thing: she watched the first-ever episode of Chuck before watching the finale. And yes, we all note how much Zachary Levi’s hair has changed in the last few years. Victoria was able to spot most of the callbacks to the premiere of Chuck – from the porn star virus to the Wienerlicious and the namechecking Fulcrum and The Ring. Oh yes, and props for the Jeffster performance of Take On Me:

Nice way to work in Jeffster without having to just toss them in arbitrarily.

Merve wrote a touching extended thank-you note to almost everyone in the cast and crew of the show. Anyone who’s had a noticeable impact on the series got a mention. I’ll give you the example of Big Mike (aka Mark Christopher Lawrence) but you have to read the rest for yourself…:

To Mark Christopher Lawrence: Thank you for being Chuck’s most reliable joke machine. Thank you for your very detailed descriptions of Subway sandwiches. Thank you for taking a lazy, ill-tempered cheater and turning him into a caring, nurturing married man. Thank you for tackling random bad guys.

Tina Charles over at TV Goodness listed her five favourite moments from the Chuck finale. Including that finale beach scene between Chuck and Sarah:

It’s the way the series finale ended. They were sitting on the beach and Chuck was telling Sarah their story. The flashbacks weaved in and out as Sarah laughed and cried depending on what story he was telling.

I’m going to leave the last word to Tiffany Vogt, who wrote a heartfelt goodbye to the series on her TV Looking Glass blog. Here’s my favourite line:

But like all wonderful journeys, this one must end too. CHUCK introduced us to a world that delighted and entertained us for 5 years. We remain deliriously happy to have had those years. We fought for them, stood by the show faithfully, and ate many, many, many Subway sandwiches. It is now time to say goodbye. Goodbye from all of us who laughed and cried, who roared and cheered, and those of us who will miss you more than we can say. Goodbyes are hard enough, but we will remember to celebrate all the magnificent memories. Long live CHUCK in our hearts — you made our dreams come true!

Chuck fans…you can leave your favourite moments from the finale in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

by Gerard McGarry on January 28th, 2012

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