Chris Harrison Says It's a "Very Nude" Season on The Bachelor

It takes a strong man to comeback to national television and bare his soul for a second time. According to The Bachelor host Chris Harrison, it’s not the only thing that Ben Flajnik will be baring this season.

Harrison told PEOPLE that Flajnik is “comfortable in his own skin” and that he “doesn’t have modesty issues.” This follows a clip of Flajnik dropping his drawers for a late night skinny dipping session. “It’s a very nude season,” Harrison added. It’s hard to see just who asks Flajnik to go skinny dipping, I thought it was possibly Courtney, but Harrison says it is a “mystery woman” from his past.

After the extended preview on Monday night’s premiere, it seems that anything is possible this season on The Bachelor. After the first night girls are already feuding and claiming territory, rather than becoming friendly.

Flajnik is worried about putting his heart out there again, but is using the experience to grow. All I have to say is if it doesn’t work and your proposal is rejected again Bachelor Ben, I love wine and San Francisco.

by Melissa Warner on January 5th, 2012

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