Celebrity Apprentice All Stars 2013 Cast Revealed

Donald Trump looking smug on Celebrity Apprentice

The show may not be premiering until 2013, but there’s a lot of excitement over the release of the cast list for the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice All Star edition. 14 former contenders, including one winner, will return to battle it out in the boardroom once again.

Of course an “All Star” cast doesn’t necessarily mean that the contestants will be the best of the best. What would The Apprentice be without a few misfits and crazies, after all? This lineup is an interesting mix of hard workers, serious contenders, and lunatics. Your 2013 Celebrity Apprentice All Stars are:

The Train Wrecks

  • Gary Busey, actor
  • LaToya Jackson, singer
  • Omarosa, reality TV star
  • Dennis Rodman, former NBA star

The Serious Contenders

  • Trace Adkins, country music singer
  • Stephen Baldwin, actor
  • Penn Jillette, illusionist and magician
  • Lil Jon, rap singer, DJ, and record producer
  • Dee Snider, rock star and frontman for Twisted Sister
  • Marilu Henner, actor and author

The “Fillers”

  • Brande Roderick, Playboy model
  • Claudia Jordan, actor and former Deal or No Deal model
  • Lisa Rinna, actor

The Former Winner

  • Bret Michaels, rock singer and frontman for Poison

The format of the game will remain the same, with winning Project Managers earning money for their chosen charities, and the overall winner receiving $250,000 for his or her charity. Filming for this season began this week, so if you’re in and around New York City keep your eye out for these celebs selling various food items on the street or getting stuck in traffic.

I think we can expect teams to be divided by gender to kick things off, since that’s how Donald Trump seems to enjoy starting things off. It’s a tired gimmick however. Wouldn’t it be more fun to have a quick individual challenge then have the two winners pick their teams, schoolyard-style?  Still, we’ll have some great rivalries right off the bat, possibly including Stephen Baldwin and Trace Adkins. These two weren’t fans of one another the first time around. Any of the men who worked with Gary Busey last time will also have an axe to grind.

If you’re disappointed that only one previous winner is coming back, take heart. All of the others will be back to act as advisers this season. That list includes Piers Morgan, John Rich, Joan Rivers, and last season’s champ Arsenio Hall.

by Carrie Grosvenor on October 18th, 2012


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10 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice All Stars 2013 Cast Revealed

  1. Shelley says:

    I’m looking forward to this, even if Gary Busey drives me nuts. Happy to hear that John Rich and Joan Rivers will make appearances.

  2. JustMe says:

    “Train Wrecks” LOVE IT That about sums up that group. lol

  3. Tyler says:

    Uh… Trace Adkins and Stephen Baldwin did not hate eachother. In fact, they were like best friends.

    Anyway, I’m really disappointed with this cast. Other than those six “serious contenders,” I’m not looking forward to any of them except maybe Bret.

  4. Carrie says:

    Tyler – you’re perhaps right that “hated” is too strong a word, but they weren’t chummy with each other until the season was nearly over. Thanks for pointing that out!

  5. Jenn says:

    I just wonder how long until these reality shows will be just as scripted and fictional as TV dramas. Do you think the fact that they are hiring actual actors to go on them is a sign of things to come or just a new way to dress up the shows?

  6. OhNotAgain! says:

    Ooooohhhh…. I am shuddering at just the bare *thought* of having Gary Busey there! Train Wreck and THEN some!

  7. Kim says:

    Train Wrecks sums it up nicely. Personally looking forward to Penn Jillette and the other serious contenders.

  8. Rachel says:

    How do I find out where and when in the city the show will be filming? Anyone know?

  9. Carrie Grosvenor says:

    It’s filming now Rachel, though there’s really no way for the average person to find out where.

  10. Brandon De Hoyos says:

    Perhaps he might get Obama on the next one if he doesn’t win the election this year? :D That might be fun. #yourefired

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