Californication Season 6 Finale spoilers: ‘I’ll Lay My Monsters Down’

Hank proposes in Californication season finale

Okay, the Californication season finale is just around the corner, and this isn’t your average day at the office finale for Hank Moody. Becca’s all grown up and driven off with her unfathomably hairy boyfriend. Runkle’s reunited with Marcy (unless Stu puts a spanner in the works), and Hank has been chumming around with the sexy and all-round loose-living rock chick, Faith.

We’ve only got one preview for I’ll Lay My Monsters Down, but it seems to set – via Hank’s own spirit guide – the stage for a tough choice: does Hank continue to pursue the rose-tinted love of his life, Karen, or does he live a vicarious existence with fun-loving Faith?

In the tried and tested tradition of television hallucinations, Hank is actually having a conversation with himself – debating what his life will be like if he gives up on his relationship with Karen, but secretly acknowledging that he’s having an incredible time with Faith. Interestingly, he’s managed to remain faithful to Faith throughout most of this season.

I should probably be upfront and say I’m not a fan of Hank and Karen as a couple. Despite their messed-up relationship, they’ve done a reasonably good job as parents, and both have a good relationship with Becca. Although Hank has pushed his luck many, many times. But as a couple, I’m tired of the same old dance that the pair have done since season one. Ross and Rachel they are not, and I feel like there’s too much baggage in their relationship to survive now.

Hell, Hank was jealous, but he allowed Karen and Eddy Nero to disappear into a room together. I feel like Hank a few seasons ago would not have allowed that to happen. So perhaps he really is letting go. One thing’s for sure the writers of Californication are keeping us guessing right up to the bitter end with this storyline. I just hope they make the right decision.

Another teaser clip for I’ll Lay My Monsters Down shows the Runkles getting remarried on stage by Atticus Fetch. Fetch then invites anyone else who feels like getting married to come up on stage. And we see Hank on bended knee, proposing to a blonde – but which blonde? Check out the clip – I can’t work out whether it’s clever editing or whether he’s actually proposing to Karen. There are plenty of other scenes in the clip where Hank is acknowledging that he has growing feelings for Faith.

Finally, as we sail toward the season finale, what do you all think about Tim Minchin’s turn as Atticus? I’ve been aware of his comedy routines for a few years now, but his work on Californication has been fantastic. I hope they manage to squeeze him in for a few more cameos next year the same way they’ve fondly kept Rob Lowe’s character. Do you agree?

by Gerard McGarry on April 1st, 2013

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2 thoughts on “Californication Season 6 Finale spoilers: ‘I’ll Lay My Monsters Down’

  1. frankie says:

    Mate. Are you kidding???
    Tim Minchin has been pathetic from his first scene. He is a main reason why this season is a disgrace!!!

    1. I don’t think so, Frankie! I’ve thought this has been a brilliant season of Californication – Hank hanging out with rockstars and hooking up with a hot groupie has been fantastic. Less mooning over Karen has made me happy, because I’m not a fan of their relationship, but couldn’t be happier. And Minchin is a legend!

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