Californication Spoilers: Hank flashes and Rob Lowe returns in Raw!

Californication: Hank confronts Becca in 'Raw'

Just when you think Hank Moody can’t sink any lower, he goes ahead and finds another level of depravity to wallow in. In the next episode of Californication, titled Low, Hank will be seen exposing his very attractive man-parts to Tyler’s mother. Let’s talk spoilers, kids.

When last we left Hank, he was in Becca and Karen’s bad books for bringing home an obnoxious stripper when really he was covering for Batesy’s drunken one-night stand. However, Becca’s silent treatment doesn’t last long – we see her in this episode threatening Hank that unless he reads her boyfriend’s screenplay, she’ll become a stripper too!

So, the title of Tyler’s screenplay is ‘Raw’, and it presents Hank with two distinct problems. One, that it’s actually very well written, which means the kid isn’t without talent. And two, that it’s “very dirty” and “painfully autobiographical”, which means the sexploits Hank’s been reading about inevitably are about his daughter and Tyler.

In the midst of an unusually moralistic rampage, Hank confronts Karen about the screenplay, then Becca. Finally, he decides to visit Tyler’s mother to air his concerns. Yes, utterly hypocritical of Hank to play the concerned parent, but trust us – it doesn’t last long. In the teaser clip below, you’ll see Hank being invited to show himself to Tyler’s mother. And while a normal guy might balk at the request, Mr Moody goes ahead and whips Little Hank out. Only to be caught in the act by Mrs Stevens’ incredibly butch lesbian lover!

And as if all of that wasn’t exciting enough, Raw will feature the return of Rob Lowe as spaced-out method actor Eddy Nero. No word on what part Nero will play in proceedings, but we do see him knocking Hank to the ground like an excited Labrador! (Update: there are some promo photos of Nero with Samurai Apocalypse – let’s assume he’s going to play Sam’s partner in his cop movie).

Californication: Potential cop buddies Samurai and Eddy?

Californication: Potential cop buddies Samurai and Eddy?

Californication: Eddy Nero and Hank

Possible future spoiler: There’s a shot or two of Eddy reading a screenplay. It could be the cop movie, but given this episode is about Tyler’s screenplay, it’s also likely that he’s reading Tyler’s work and is going to demand that it gets made…with him in the lead role! That’s our best guess anyway!

by Gerard McGarry on February 21st, 2012

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