Californication – Here I Go Again – Episode review

Californication - Batesy and Runkle spooning

Poor Hank. After years of sleeping around and generally boomeranging between Karen and an array of eyecatching floozies, Karma has picked this moment for some payback.

In the latest episode of Californication, Here I Go Again, Hank was presented with a drunk and vulnerable Karen and did the noble thing by not trying to sleep with her. Elsewhere, Batesy was busy drunkenly cheating on Karen with an obnoxious stripper (played by guest star Drea de Matteo). And so it fell to hapless Hank to mop up Batesy’s mess by helping him recover his wedding ring.

But the course of Hank Moody’s life never runs smoothly, and Hank ends up covering for Batesy in ways he could never imagine. After paying through the nose to recover Batesy’s wedding ring, Hank later ends up pretending Holly is his girlfriend when she appears at Karen’s house to return a wallet. Detecting that Hank’s uncomfortable, Holly accepts Karen’s offer to come inside and embarrasses him with a wildly inappropriate behaviour. She ends up lapdancing for Becca’s boyfriend and when Becca tries to stop things, Holly pushes her away breaking a house model Karen’s been working on. And because she’s Hank’s guest, who gets the blame? That’s right.

Here I Go Again was one of the more decadent episodes of Californication that we’ve seen. Played purely for comedy, it delivered some great moments: Batesy (played by the brilliant Jason Beghe) is a fantastic comic character, and between his drunken rampages and subsequent remorseful hangovers there’s plenty of material for him to work with. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the more pointless episodes too. Hank’s wisely steering clear of the Karen situation, but we’ve got no real idea of where this season is headed. And tonight’s episode seemed like a series of lumbering plot devices in order to bring us to next week’s episode where Hank reads Tyler’s script and meets his mother where things get inappropriate yet again.

On the subplots this week we had Runkle potentially being used by his nanny. She gets fired by Stu and Marcy for swimming naked in front of Stu. However, her version of events and Stu’s are slightly different, and it looks like she might be playing Charlie. Still, it doesn’t stop him from sleeping with her. Twice. I wonder if we’ll find out next week what Lizzie’s agenda is?

Favourite Californication quotes this week:

  • Hank to Batesy: Talk to me buddy. Use your words.
  • Hank: It was like watching an episode of the Real Housewives of Somewhere Lame.
  • Holly” discusses the merits of GNR’s Appetite For Destruction: Great album. Lost my cherry to it. Front and back.
  • Holly: You think that just because I dance naked for money that I’m an easy lay?
  • Holly: No glove, no love. That’s my policy.
  • Charlie‘s still in awe of Stu’s man parts: He has a very big penis. Seriously. It’s like a pile of snakes with an apple on top.
  • Stu discusses the trappings of success: I know I’m not a handsome man. But I am a very successful man. I know what it’s like to be hit on by pretty young things who want something from me. Runkle: Must be nice. Wish I did.
  • Holly: Hey, who’s she calling a tramp? Hank: Pretty sure she means you.

by Gerard McGarry on February 20th, 2012

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  1. Michael M says:

    I love this show and this is a good season so far, but Karen and Becka pissed at Hank for yet again, something he didn’t really do, is getting old.

  2. gile says:

    does anybody knows name of the song that playing at the scene by the pool

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