California Restaurant Opens "Casey Abrams American Idol Lounge" Section

Casey Abrams is the luckiest of all American Idol contestants this season as the judges used their only save on him two weeks ago. As an American Idol contestant, Abrams has experienced many celebrity experiences since his time on American Idol such as living in a Hollywood mansion and attending premieres, but now his American Idol experience has been immortalized.

Café Aroma in Idyllwild, California (Abrams’ hometown) has officially named a section in the restaurant after the American Idol contestant. The “Casey Abrams American Idol Lounge” is open for seating and apparently a hot area of the restaurant.

According to TMZ the Idol contestant is so popular and such  ‘big shot” that the restaurant, which also features live belly dancers, has even named Abrams’ favorite dish after him. So when you’re eating in the “Casey Abrams American Idol Lounge” don’t forget to order the “Casey Abrams Gnocchi Alfredo” with six meatballs.

by Melissa Warner on April 8th, 2011

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