Brit Awards 2012 – Blur receive Outstanding Contribution to Music Award

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Back in the glory days of Britpop – yesteryear to many of you – there was an epic battle between Oasis and Blur for chart dominance. And since the eternally scrapping siblings from Oasis already have a Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music, guess which group will be stepping up to accept it this year?

That’s right – Damon Albarn and his Blur buddies, including the ironic country-house dwelling, cheesemaker Alex James!

We’re not complaining. Even though the monobrowed Gallagher brothers have certainly contributed their fair share of hits to the charts in their career, Blur racked up their fair share of classics over the years. End Of A Century, Song 2, Parklife and Girls and Boys to name just a few.

Brits watchers will know that the Outstanding Contribution to Music award was retired last year, but after a swift rethink it’s back. Make up your minds, Brits panel! Blur will join other prestigious groups such as Queen, Fleetwood Mac and U2 as well as Paul McCartney, Van Morrison and Sting.

Ready for some canned soundbytes from the Band? OK. Here’s what Damon Albarn had to say about the award:

It’s great to have recognition for all the work and all the heartache and all the joy that’s gone into this band.

Guitarist Graham Coxon managed to get himself caught up in a temporal loop with his statement. Don’t worry, Graham, we’ve all been there, mate.

Being in a band this long is like a kind of time travel. We’re the same gang we ever were, we’ve just landed in a different era. Or possibly we’re a totally different Blur still playing the old tunes in 1991… forever. I haven’t decided. But it’s always nice to get a BRIT Award.

The Brit Award statue for 2012 has been designed by Sir Peter Blake and looks rather like a Shankill Road kerbstone in our humble opinion. The ceremony is on 21st February 2012 at London’s O2 Arena, and it’ll be broadcast live in the UK on ITV1. The remainder of the nominations will be released on 12th January 2012 at The Savoy hotel in London.

by Gerard McGarry on December 8th, 2011

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