Brandon Flowers feels like he sometimes needs to “defend” America


Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has opened up in an interview with a London Newspaper about America and how he often opened up to defend his homeland when George Bush was in power.

Flowers, who was born in Nevada revealed that he feels protective over America and that a few years ago he was troubled by a strong “anti-American” attitude that seems to be hovering about.

Speaking to London’s Metro Newspaper Flowers said he wanted to address it publicly and defend where he grew up:

“Well, I feel the need sometimes to defend where I’m from. When we first came out as a band, Bush was president and there was a strong anti-American sentiment.”

He continued: “I felt it as we were travelling the world, so it made me want to push back a little bit, because we have good people with big hearts. We’ve seen it shift and change since Obama became president but I was young and trying to understand it all.”

Brandon Flowers also added that while he’s incredibly patriotic he just loves Europe and admitted that he grew up listening to the music so he feels he has quite a strong connection with it:

“I have these two sides that are constantly fighting. There’s that desire to represent where I’m from, that dusty American road pushing against the fantasy world and European music that I grew up with.”


“Sometimes when they meet in one of our songs, like ‘When You Were Young’, it’s great.”

Brandon also spoke with another publication and spoke about his favourite photograph (seen above) – with his son Gunnar (the middle of three):

“THIS is me and my son Gunnar, who is four, and it’s great that the photographer managed to capture a rare, if unconventional, moment of affection.”

“I wanted to spell his name ‘Gunner’ but my wife Tana made us go with ‘ar’ at the end to soften it a little bit. But it didn’t soften Gunnar; he’s our edgiest boy.”

The Killers released their music video for ‘Just Another Girl’ recently which featured ‘Glee’ actress Dianna Agron playing the role of Brandon Flowers.

Have a look at the video below.

by Martin Lamont on November 30th, 2013

Martin is a huge music and US TV fan. From The Walking Dead to Breaking Bad, New Girl to Under The Dome Martin loves watching all the latest shows, usually all in one go. Martin also enjoys a variety of films from old classics to the latest blockbuster.

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