It’s kill or be killed in the Season 2 finale of Banshee, “Bullets and Tears”

Banshee finale - gun-toting priests

The not-quite-dead gangster Rabbit is hiding out in NYC with his priestly brother. But in the Banshee season 2 finale, Hood and Carrie are heading into a final showdown. Well, hopefully a final showdown. Rabbit miraculously survived the last one.

This season of Banshee has been a total thrill ride, and if you’ve not been glued to every single episode, I suggest you go right back and watch it all over again. I plan to. The future’s decidedly uncertain for Hood and Carrie as it looks like the latter wants to rekindle things with her husband. Let’s take a look at the spoilers for what looks like an epic season finale…

Hood’s history revealed?

Banshee season 2 finale - Hood, Carrie and Job plan a heist

He’s been known only as Lucas Hood since the show began, but we still don’t know who he was before he assumed a dead sheriff’s identity. Bullets And Tears promises to give us some answers as we get an extended flashback to Hood and Carrie’s days working for Rabbit. The episode promises to take us back to the same heist in which Hood and Carrie swindled Rabbit and stole his diamonds.

Hood and Rabbit's backstory revealed in Banshee

Brandies and bank robbery, anyone?

At one point during the planning, Job mentions a name – Tom Palmer. Whether that’s an alias for Hood during that job or whether it’s his real identity remains to be seen. The question is, do we really want to discover his past? Okay, probably.

Rabbit in Bullets and TearsRabbit himself appears at one point to be talking about the showdown – he promises bullets and tears before the ordeal is over. And with Carrie and Hood warning Job that if they don’t come back they’re most probably dead.

One thing about Banshee is that when a character says something as dramatic as that, they probably mean it. There’s a pretty solid chance that one of the duo won’t be returning to Banshee after this.

What’s happening in Banshee?

There’s not actually much in the latest trailer to show what’s going on back in Banshee. All we see is Rebecca lying on the ground covered in blood. Someone’s on top of her, but we’re not sure whether it’s Longshadow or Proctor’s Lurch, Burton. And whether the blood belongs to her or the person on top.

Still, there’s nothing on Proctor. Nothing on the strange new twist concerning Sugar and Proctor’s history. Nothing on what’s happening now that Gordon knows his daughter is really Hood’s. Those storylines will either be resolved in the finale or carried on to Season 3.

Speaking of Sugar though…can anybody explain what the hell this shot is about?

Pimp Sugar

Pimp Sugar

The second season finale of Banshee airs on Friday March 14.

by Gerard McGarry on March 10th, 2014

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4 thoughts on “It’s kill or be killed in the Season 2 finale of Banshee, “Bullets and Tears”

  1. Matt chase says:

    The pimp sugar? That’s the gun dealer that hood and Carrie will go visit before the church…there’s 2 scenes of them the first is them fighting a bunch of Asians which I assume work for pimp sugar…the next is the clip u have posted…when the pimp walks through the door u can see an Asian with a black shirt which they are all wearing in the previous clip which is probably jobs connection however the actual gun dealer is that guy he just has Asian employees….what I’m surprised they didn’t include in the trailer is chaytons role in the finale….in the beginning of each episode there is the 20 second 20 clip countdown…every clip has been exposed except where Carrie is crawling through a sea of bulletts under a church Pugh ..l.lim sorry 3( I’m writing off the top of my head)…the clip of rabbit and crew in new York with rabbit holding a gun to someone’s head in the execution position,which I think will be an origins clip cuz it looks allot like how the comic starts except he uses a knife…ll
    And the 3rd is of Chayton in what looks to be some type of barn with a crown of people behind him as he strikes a pretty mean pose…probably about to fight someone…also if u wiki geno segars

  2. Matt chase says:

    If u wiki geno segars it confirms he has a role in bullets and tears…
    I always speculated it was hood on the other end…but now I have no idea…hood and proctor are the only 2 crazy enough to fight this guy…I’d say emmit but it’s pretty clear he’s gone…maybe it’s an origins and it’s the albino….that would be amazing…on the other’s been confirmed proctor gets released…and for proctor to stay out Alex has to go…so pretty sure it’s Alex on Rebecca and its his blood…but one thing about ths show is that u never guess correctly that’s why it’s the best…the scene that got me was when the truth about deva was revealed to Gordon ..i literally yelled out loud..great Segway to s3..just hope bullets and tears will be as good as mixture of madness and based on s2 I’m sure it will

  3. Matt, great comments. Thanks for clarifying on ‘Pimp Sugar’! Looking forward to this finale – it’s been a brilliant season!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Loving Banshee so glad it’s been renewed for another season! !!!!!!

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