Bachelor Ben Crashes Viewing Party, Drinks Up the Two Buck Chuck

ABC is not shy over the fact that The Bachelor’s 16th season took a dive in ratings. They are trying everything from bikini skiing down a San Francisco street to skinny dipping as an attempt to draw viewers in. The truth is, people just eventually slowly lose interest in a show.

One way that producers are trying to peak interest in the show is by crashing Bachelor viewing parties. That’s right, host Chris Harrison and Bachelor Ben Flajnik are crashing fans parties. Backer Machado was the first to experience the shock when his doorbell rang.

Machado told E! News the details:

“My friends noticed that Bachelor host Chris Harrison tweeted early Monday morning that he and Bachelor Ben Flajnik would be making appearances to select viewing parties on Monday. After my girlfriends submitted over a dozen emails, the girls and I joked how hilarious it would be if we were actually chosen in the contest.

Around 9:30 Monday night while all of us gathered in the living room to see who Ben would eliminate this week, my friend Cameron received a call from a producer of the show saying they were outside our house. And low and behold, there came walking into our apartment Chris Harrison, Bachelor Ben and a few producers of the show! I was totally shocked and almost died from excitement.”

Apparently Bachelor Ben and crew drank the party out of Two Buck Chuck (for those who don’t know- it’s Trader Joe’s “finest” wine at $2.99 a bottle). That’s the best part of the whole story considering Bachelor Ben owns a vineyard that makes fine wine. Glad to see he will always have that little bit of San Francisco boy in him.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

by Melissa Warner on January 17th, 2012

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