American Idol's Shannon Magrane is 679's Star

Shannon Magrane’s been under a watchful eye on American Idol because the judges can’t believe that she just turned 16. Steven Tyler managed to make things awkward when he told her dad that he thought she was hot and since Shannon is this girl we forget about until she sings.

During group day Shannon was part of 679, also known as Brielle Von Hugel’s group. Brielle took over the group as a diva because she made it to group day last year on American Idol. Her biggest claim to fame? Pia Toscano was in her group. Side note; The way she and her mother were acting, you would think Brielle WON the contest last year.

Though Brielle made it through as well, Shannon stood out in her group. Shannon’s weakness is she’s almost too timid. She waits too long in her song to push the dirt out of her voice, then once she does she can’t stop and almost over does it.

For her one-on-one audition she sang “What a Wonderful World.” It could have been the best performance of the song that day if it weren’t for Creigton Fraker’s phenomenal performance just minutes earlier.

It would be “shocking” if Shannon didn’t make it to the top 12.The judges really enjoy her sound and are impressed. She’s one of the only girls American Idol has focused on so far this season as well.

by Melissa Warner on February 16th, 2012

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One thought on “American Idol's Shannon Magrane is 679's Star

  1. Jim Boatwright says:

    She is refeshing and her voice is totally pure, I think we are yet to see her full range. She’s top 12 for sure!

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