American Idol: Who Rocked the Savannah Auditions?

American Idol is here! Season 11 kicked off in Savannah, Georgia tonight. It was great to see all the judges back together with Ryan Seacrest, but in all honesty.. Savannah was not that impressive! Of course it’s just the first of many auditions, but the judges hyped up Savannah so much, it was slightly disappointing. In fact, it was hard to pick five favorites because few acts truly stood out.

Colton Dixon
I feel bad listing him as a favorite because he wanted to step back and let his sister have the spotlight this year. Last season, Colton made it all the way to Hollywood and almost to the top 13. The judges made him audition and gave him a golden ticket on the spot. It doesn’t hurt when you use an American Idol winner song for your audition (like David Cook’s “Permanent), but only if you truly can pull it off.

Schyler Dixon
The Dixon siblings are clearly the most talented out of the Savannah bunch. Schyler is young, but has a promising trail ahead of her. She’s young and has some growing to do, but that’s what American Idol is for! Her voice can go either indie like Brooke White or pop like Kelly Clarkson.

Lauren Mink
Lauren Mink had a story that pulled at your heart. She works with disabled adults to “bring joy” to their lives. You can tell she loves music, and the good thing is she has the talent to back up this love. Savannah needed a good country singer and Lauren brought that to the auditions. She’s naturally beautiful which doesn’t hurt either.

Brittany Kerr
When comparing all acts, Brittany sticks out but not by much. She had a beautiful, raspy voice but only stood out because there wasn’t much to compare her to. Overall I think that she will get lost among everyone else in Hollywood.

Phillip Phillips
It is always a great thing when people show up to American Idol auditions with instruments, especially when they have talent like Phillip does. Not only does he have a GREAT stage name, but his style is unique. There’s no denying he has blues talent, but I fear that America will not appreciate what the judges have placed before them.

by Melissa Warner on January 19th, 2012

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