American Idol- The Score So Far as Kimberley Locke, Brad Paisley and Kelly Clarkson Talk Judging

American Idol has confirmed only one judge so far for season 12. As fans worry that Randy Jackson is leaving as well, Reality TV Idols is doing our best to keep all rumors under control for you! For those keeping score here is what we already know:

Brad Paisley is in talks for American Idol.

Though two seats are technically still available at the judges table (we’re still holding out hope that Randy Jackson will return!), rumors are ablaze on the Internet. The latest rumor is that Steven Tyler will be replaced with a country singer to help shape the next country star. This seems to make sense since Carrie Underwood has proved that country superstars can come from American Idol, not to mention the abundance of country crooners making it to the top 10 in recent years (this includes Scotty McCreery, Skylar Laine, Lauren Alaina). Brad Paisley is in talks with producers according to Country Vibe.

“Brad and his people will indeed be in Los Angeles this week meeting with top Idol executives about having him join the show.”

Do country stars come bigger than Brad Paisley these days?

One former Idol you can NOT expect on the show this season is Kelly Clarkson. Though she has no problems with the show, she recently shared with Extra that she would not be a good judge.

“I don’t like the judging part of it. That’s what I liked about Duets,” Clarkson explained. “I got to actually mentor them and it was more fun. I don’t think I’d be honest. I think I’d get home and be like, ‘Did you see that, boy? He was bad!’ I don’t think I’d say that on TV because people would hate me!”

Kimberley Locke would be comfy in a chair besides Mariah Carey and … Randy Jackson?

Though Kelly Clarkson isn’t interested, one former Idol contestant definitely is. Kimberley Locke appeared on season two of American Idol and now runs an agency that prepares talent for auditions- including American Idol. She told The Associated Press ┬áthat she thinks she could deliver advice because she’s been on that stage and knows what it’s like competing.

“I would love to sit in that chair and, you know, give some advice from the contestant’s standpoint because I’ve been on that stage and I know what it’s like.” She added that she wouldn’t hand out “fluff,” sharing, “When you’re a contestant on that show you do need that hard truth sometimes,” Locke says, anticipating her critical tone would fall somewhere between the styles of two former judges.”

Kimberley Locke would be a great addition, even as a mentor. She knows not only the musical side, but the business side as well.

Aside from the expected change of judges,American Idol is also adding additional audition options to their schedule this year. Family and friends can “nominate” talent through with a quick video upload or fans can visit the “American Idol Small Town Audition Tour Bus.”

Despite efforts from producers, are these enough changes to save American Idol?

by Melissa Warner on August 3rd, 2012

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