American Idol: Pittsburgh Auditions! Who Will Make it to Hollywood? (Spoilers)

Last night a handful of talent got the golden ticket to move on to American Idol‘s Hollywood Week. Who will have the same luck in Pittsburgh?

*Spoilers Below*

Heejun Han, 22 from Flushing, NY.  At first I thought for sure he’d be William Hung part 2. He had a reserved personality, but when he opened his mouth to sing “How Am I Suppose to Live Without You?” by Michael Bolton everyone was shocked- including me. His tone is nice, controlled and soulful. Parts were pitchy, but he can work on that. Three yes’s from the judges. Now Heejun, work on your personality a little bit.

Reed Grimm, 22 from Ellsworth, WI. The Wisconsin native’s been singing since he was a toddler. His parents have a band that just grew as they had kids. Reed wins for most original audition song ever, a jazz version of the theme from “Family Matters.” It was really interesting, unique and fun to listen to. The judges loved him and gave him the golden ticket.

Chase Likens. We only got a small peak at Chase, but he had a beautiful country tone to his voice. He’s not  as good as Scotty McCreery, but is comparable to Keith Urban. Look for him in Hollywood.

Samantha Novacek from Pennsylvania. Planking is a fad that’s long and gone since Tebowing took over. Samantha showed up with her sister Patti who said that her sister only sings well when she planks in front of her. The sad part is this was so incredibly stupid that it took away from the fact that Samantha can really sing! She had a soft, beautiful tone as she sang Faith Hill’s “If We Never Loved At All,” but her sister’s antics overshadowed her. Luckily the judges gave her the golden ticket.

Creighton Fraker, 28 from Queens, NY. The judges ADORE Creighton to say the least. Sure, his voice is unique and his style is unlike anyone else so far on the competition, but I find him too odd. Mad props to Creighton for singing an original song, but maybe he can work on his awkward hand movements while he sings before Hollywood.

Eben, 15 from Milford, OH. Right off the bat Randy Jackson addressed the elephant in the room- Eben looks and sounds just like Justin Bieber. For a 15 year old he has a natural talent. He belted out “Ain’t No Sunshine,” leaving the judges speechless. Hopefully he can handle the stress during Hollywood week, I’d like to see him staying around for awhile.

Travis Orlando, 17 from Bronx, NY. Last season Travis was told to come back after he worked on his voice. This year he showed up with a soulful version of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely.” Though the judges think he still needs work, for being only 17 his voice is incredible. Before the judges gave him the golden ticket he pointed out that he dropped our of school to pursue his dream. His mother left his family for another man, so he, his brother and father live in a homeless shelter. Of course making it to the top 12 would change his life, but those who come with the sob story just don’t sit well with me.. especially when they have the talent to make it to the top 12 on that alone.

Erica Van Pelt from South Kingstown Rhode Island. Erica sang Carol King’s “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.” When she said she’s a wedding singer, I’ll admit I got nervous. However, her voice is rich, strong and controlled. She sounds great and is one of the best women from Pittsburgh. Erica is comparable to Kelly Clarkson. The first golden ticket of the second day of auditions.

Shane Bruce 19 from Moundsville, WV.  The Hallelujah song from Shrek was not probably the best sound to showcase his voice. He should have used “In the Still of the Night” like in his video diary from home. He didn’t hit the notes that he wanted to, but the judges think he needs to work on his voice and come back next year.

Hallie Day, 24 from Baltimore, MD.  Hallie chose to sing “I Will Survive” after explaining that she tried to kill herself after a failed performing career in New York. Her voice is strong, but it seemed off pitch and too forced. Compared to others tonight, she was not one of the strongest auditions though the judges thought her audition was perfect. She’ll need the sob story.

Best Quotes of the Night:

“If Jamiroquai and Justin Timberlake had a baby..” Jennifer Lopez on Creighton Fraker.

by Melissa Warner on January 20th, 2012

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2 thoughts on “American Idol: Pittsburgh Auditions! Who Will Make it to Hollywood? (Spoilers)

  1. Bea Paxson says:

    I was wondering what the Korean guy’s name was! I thought he was comedic. I felt he definitely had a personality – a sweet and subtle type. Has a great voice, I was cheering him on, but I’m worried his accent may impede his progress.

  2. Melissa says:

    He was surprisingly really good! I agree that his accent may be a problem as well, but I hope not. He should come out of his shell a little bit though.

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