American Idol: Meet Heejun Han

Heejun Han first appeared as the first audition at the American Idol Pittsburgh auditions. Before entering the room we were shown a little about the 24-year-old Korean-American, but let’s be honest- he was awkward and spoke in broken English. It was easy to compare him to William Hung (yes, remember him?!).

The truth is that the judges were as shocked as we were when he belted out a tender rendition of Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Suppose to Live Without You?” The fact is if the Lonely Island couldn’t make Michael Bolton relevant again, Heejan has! Well.. Maybe.

After his initial audition, Heejun was nervous during Hollywood Week because he felt he didn’t fit in. “Even the boys are pretty,” he self consciously admitted to the camera. However, after moving on to group performance he was far more confident. He hooked up with Jairon, Phillip and Richie to create MIT. Nearly instantly Richie took over the group causing some heat between he and Heejun. This is when we got the first peak of exactly who Heejun is- the Internet has coined him as “adorkable.” He says whatever he wants and it’s extra nerdy and cute.

So exactly who is Heejun Han?

Heejun volunteers every week at a nonprofit organization for disabled children. *aw* He even said that he tried out for American Idol to show these kids they can do whatever they dream.

According to Heejun’s cousin, his family rarely heard him sing! Not too surprising since Heejun seems shy.

The New York native recently shared on Facebook that is was his dream to sing “Endless Love” with the late Whitney Houston.

His favorite Idol contestant of all time is Haley Reinhart because he loves her voice.

Not only can Heejun speak fluent Korean, but he can also fold his tongue in half.

Do you love Heejun like we do? Follow him on Twitter or “like” his official fan page on Twitter.


by Melissa Warner on February 14th, 2012

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