American Idol: Listen to Ashley Robles' note-perfect Whitney Houston cover!

Ashley Robles auditions for American Idol in San Diego (2012)

Step up Ashley Robles, the first San Diego auditionee for American Idol that’s worth watching. Well, apart from Jennifer Diley, but that’s for entirely different reasons. Maybe we should rephrase that: Ashley’s the first one worth listening to.

The multi-talented 26-year-old auditioned in front of the judges with a spot-on version of Whitney Houston’s classic I Will Always Love You. Though for my tastes the vocal started out a little bland, Robles impressed when she effortlessly handled the high notes at the climax of the song. Randy Jackson piled on the praise, asking Ashley where she’s been all these years (find out below!), while Steven Tyler confidently exclaims “Ashley Robles, you’re going to be big!”

Having suitably impressed our judging trio, Ashley gets three yeses and is presented with her golden ticket to the Hollywood round! Wanna know more about Ashley? Read on…

Who is Ashley Robles? According to her American Idol audition, Ashley is the queen of multitasking! 26 years old, she’s a single mother, an insurance account manager, a singer and a DJ. Yikes! She’s got a website here which shows she’s still DJing around San Diego.

What else do you need to know? Well, we had a hunt around YouTube and discovered that Ashley was one of the DJs to perform at Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s wedding in 2009. As a singer, Ashley has been signed several times before with First Avenue Records in 1998, RCA Records in 2000. She also had a publishing deal with BMG which led to her releasing a single called Fallin’ For You and touring the UK with some well known acts in 2003. So she’s been on the verge of a musical breakthrough a few times. Interestingly enough, if she’d broken through in the early Noughties, Ashley would have been a contemporary of Jennifer Lopez!

She also has a 5 year old daughter called Atena, who can be seen in her original audition video.

Bonus! Here’s Ashley’s Fallin’ For You video:

by Gerard McGarry on January 23rd, 2012

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