American Idol: Jessica Sanchez is "Fallin"

Jessica Sanchez rocks American Idol's Top 8 nightLast week the American Idol shocker was when golden child Jessica Sanchez was voted off! The judges used their one save to keep her around. This week she came back with Alicia Keys “Fallin'” to show America why the judges did save her. Jimmy Iovine warned her in rehearsals that she does not show her personality and America’s not connecting with her. He failed to mention that she also comes off full of herself.

Alicia Keys was the perfect choice for her song because it shows that her voice can be soft and in control, but also powerful when it needs to be. She did not oversing the song, but still didn’t connect much with what she was singing. The judges were pleased with this weeks performance, even if they didn’t give her a standing ovation.


Steven Tyler: A talent like yours, you have the right to get mad at a song. That’s what that sounded like. Everyone in American knows how you sing if they didn’t know it before.

Jennifer Lopez: The way you play with songs, it’s like juggling balls. I’m glad you’re still here and we had a save and used it on you.

Randy Jackson: It was so the right thing for us. I hope American realizes it. I don’t think you know how good you are or how great you can be.


For round two Jessica chose “Show a Little Tenderness.” Jessica took over the song a bit with her upbeat version of the song. She showed once again that upbeat songs are not her specialty. Most of the song felt like screaming than actual singing.


Steven Tyler: I like that fact that you’re stepping out. I appreciate that the most. It’s about stepping out and winning these people’s hearts.

Jennifer Lopez: We got a little bit of your alter ego. I think with you after last week, we really got to start pushing your performances. The vocal ability is so great, that we need to start connecting with you hear (heart). That means how you feel it, how you move around the stage and all of those things. Just the voice isn’t going to do it.

Randy Jackson: I agree with Jennifer and Steven. Where you should grow is with connecting with the lyrics. You can sing like anybody’s business. It’s about growing with the emotion.


Did you love or hate Jessica Sanchez this week?

by Melissa Warner on April 19th, 2012

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5 thoughts on “American Idol: Jessica Sanchez is "Fallin"

  1. Bounia Pickens says:

    I truly love little Jessica’s voice. To me she is a natual with a little training that girl will be on the charts. She surprise me every week to be so young I feel her passion for singing.

  2. Mary Lou says:

    pls. people, give her a break, she is 16y/o.. A lot more to learn,all the girl or people that hate’ her where you better than her when you we’re 16…hhhmm .. she is no doubt very good singer, established correct.. all she need is a few couching of facial expression.. I will buy her cd no doubt..& for sure other people will…and for you ms.Jessica you. cannot dance if you keep wearing a too high shoes, you are gorgeous, we do not care if you are short,but now you need to move and show them that you deserve to be in the final.. choose a song that the pink pyjamas girl like to hear.. and a lot of people might .think carefully before you say something…so this will not be held against you.every time we watch you in YouTube you always give me goossy….sorry but it really should have been Ms.Hollie to go.. it was not Jessica’s foult the way they use the save, it was the producer’s idea ok..but as the show business say good & bad publicity is better than…nothing.. producer hope you achieve what you are aiming for,but then again a lot of people hate her now instead of getting more vote for her because we can hear how good she is..

  3. FPJ says:

    Jesica is greater than the other singers today for being 16 years old that can have an audience’s standing ovation or on viewers in TV. I predict that she is the big winner.

  4. Cai says:

    Shes has a great voice compared to famous singers who started young. Just show a little personality girl and you are good to go.

  5. kay says:

    no need to ask!

    no doubt!

    incomparable from the rest!

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