American Idol: Jessica Phillips Does it Again

One girl shined compared to the others tonight on American Idol. 26-year-old Jessica Phillips from New York is destined for the top 12. We met Jessica in Portland when she shared her story of heartbreak. Not only is Jessica pursuing her dreams, but she also takes care of her boyfriend who suffered a stroke.

I’m not one for sob stories, but this couple doesn’t act like American Idol OWES them this opportunity like most people in their position. Instead Jessica takes stage with her ultra beautiful voice with her boyfriend in the crowd being loving and supportive. Unlike the other contestants, Jessica has a clear voice. You can understand everything she sings or belts out. She even has full control of her voice with a silky tone.

It was an easy decision for the judges to put Jessica through after her a capella performance. We look forward to seeing more of Jessica Phillips!

Rewind to Portland

Hollywood Week video coming soon…


by Melissa Warner on February 9th, 2012

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