American Idol: Jen Hirsh Leads the Girls to the Top 48

Jen Hirsh was not a focal point of group day on American Idol, probably because she didn’t pass out. Passing out seemed to be the key for girls to get noticed during group day- too bad that did not work well for anyone who did pass out. The problem is Jen stands out in comparison to all the girls trying out this year.

No girl has the strong, sexy sound that escapes Jen’s lips the moment she opens her mouth. As she stood on stage belting out a jazz-style of “Georgia on My Mind” it was almost as if Steven Tyler had to excuse himself from the room. The judges were completely blown away from the performance as we were as well. She had a growl to her voice with just enough small crescendos throughout the song to keep you longing for more.

The truth is- Jen’s done something difficult this year. Only a small handful of girls have gained any attention on the show who have made it as far as she did. The good news is she made it past the top 98. We look forward to seeing her progress to the top 12. Yup, that’s how good she really is.

by Melissa Warner on February 16th, 2012

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