American Idol: Heejun Han Gains Confidence in Hollywood

Heejun Han, the 22 year-old New York native who shocked us in Pittsburgh, was one of the first performers during Hollywood week. In Pittsburgh he performed Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Suppose to Live Without You” and repeated the song during his a capella performance in Hollywood.

Before auditioning we got to see a side of Heejun that’s quite obvious- he doesn’t have the confidence he needs. When looking at the rest of the performers in Hollywood he noted that everyone was tall and beautiful. “Even the guys are pretty,” he said. Following Johnny Keyser, your ideal pin up, Heejun was especially nervous.

His nerves truly showed at the beginning of his audition. Though his voice is good, the beginning of his audition was weak and shakey. Timid would almost be the best word to describe it. However, as Heejun relaxed his audition improved and he ended on a strong note. The judges were juts as impressed in Hollywood as they were in Pittsburgh.

After his success, Heejun adorably exclaimed, “I guess I’m pretty now, too.” Let’s hope he keeps this confidence to continue strong. His self-esteem could be the end of him.

Rewind to Pittsburgh:


Hollywood week coming soon…

by Melissa Warner on February 9th, 2012

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