American Idol 2013: The Dramatics Butcher The Band Perry, Seretha Guinn’s Heartbreaking Exit

cristabel clack of the dramatics

Could a name be better fitting for an American Idol group than The Dramatics? Kriss Mincey, Cristabel Clack,  Janel Stinney and company cannot get along. Okay, Janel cannot get along with her group. The girls try to connect with her, but instead of responding or being friendly she just walks away! What is up with this girl? When the cameras are on she is outgoing and acts like a team player. Is she aware that we can see EVERYTHING she is doing behind-the-scenes. The group put an interesting spin on The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young,” but Janel (who refused to rehearse with the girls) forgot all her words! Cristabel Clack was the standout star with her sexy, gravelly voice, but the judges point out that something’s just not right.

“I enjoyed you guys messing up the words more than anything I’ve heard today,” Nick Minaj proclaimed.

“Janel, did you do a lot of rehearsal for this song?” Keith Urban asked.

“Yes,” she quietly lied.

“Together?” Keith questioned.

“Sometimes I feel like i don’t fit in,” she tried to recover between tears.

Hmm.. good acting. Despite all the drama, the entire group moved on to the solo round. Hopefully Janel won’t be around for too much longer.

Seretha Guinn auditions for american idol

Urban Hue took stage next with one of the most unsettling performances of the night. The girls could not quite get everything together with Estelle’s “American Boy.” The song is off tempo the entire time, and none of the ladies can quite get on top of the song. It’s heartbreaking to watch as Seretha Guinn is the only one sent home. She made it through auditions, when she appeared with her daughter London speaking of her injured boyfriend at home. Hopefully she won’t let one bad audition put out her dream!


by Melissa Warner on February 14th, 2013

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  1. Robin says:

    There is a reason I watch The Voice. How can these judges grimace through a gawd awful performance, then pass the group AND still call themselves musicians???

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