American Idol 2013: Kree Harrison Steals the Show With Emotional Performance.. Again!

kree harrison

Kree Harrison may only be 22 years old, but she has more life experience than most contestants. Since her parents’ death she moved to Nashville where she’s been pursuing a music career before auditioning for American Idol. After nearly being cut, Kree stepped up her game, delivering natural, emotional performances. It was no different tonight with “Up to the Mountain.”

Tonight Kree proved that she has a talent few people on American Idol have mastered so far. Her songs not only sound beautiful and have the appropriate runs to drive emotion (not just show off range), but she has the gestures and heart mastered. Kree doesn’t need glitz and glamour to be great- she’s a natural. Doesn’t hurt when your number one fan is Keith Urban.

  • Keith Urban: Kree! You are such a natural born singer. It’s so beautiful to watch you sing. For country music for me, there’s so many styles within the foundations.. You embodied that purely and beautifully. You don’t over try. It’s effortless. It’s authentic. God bless you for that.
  • Nicki Minaj: Kree I would be very afraid if I was any of these other girls here tonight. When I watched the show and I saw your story and I found out about your parents I said to Keith, I kinda felt there was something inside of you.. a mystery in you that can’t be explained. Every time you sing a song, you make love to the song. I’ve never said that to anyone. You get up there and you’re completely clothed. Something about you is so sexy when you sing. I’m in love.
  • Randy Jackson: You know what that is Nicki, here is a natural born singer. She doesn’t have to wear the outfit. She doesn’t have to do anything. She gets up there, opens her mouth. You sang a beautiful song and it was effortless. I felt like I was at your show and you had been doing it for 25 years.
  • Mariah Carey: If I can add anything to that it’s like you’re lost in the song and that is a beautiful thing to watch. Its unaffected. You’re not trying to be anyway. It’s incredibly organic. You sang the hell out of that song and it was amazing. I loved it.

It is no surprise that Kree made it through with flying colors.

Do you approve of the judges’ decision to pass Kree through to the next round?

by Melissa Warner on February 21st, 2013

Melissa is Unreality TV's X Factor USA expert, bringing you all the gossip on the contestants and religiously recapping their performances each week! You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+

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