American Idol 2013: Breanna Steer Makes Keith Urban a Believer

breanna steerBreanna Steer made a bold choice tonight on American Idol taking on “Bust Your Windows.” Few people know this song, so Breanna had to really show that she had the talent to sell a song that people wouldn’t instantly love.

The good news is she delivered.. and well. Not only does Breanna have a nice voice to listen to with massive power, but she had the attitude that comes with a song about busting the windows out of your ex-lover’s car. My only problem with Breanna’s performance was it felt a little cabaret at times. The good news for Breanna is that the judges loved every bit of it.

Keith Urban: I don’t know that song. I love it. Despite its violent nature. I liked the whole vibe you had going on. You had me believing you could literally bust a window on my car.

Nick Minaj: You and Aubrey right now record deal could go out. To be completely honest, you and Aubrey could probably get two more girls and do a group. You’d take over. There’s nothing in that market.

Randy Jackson: You’re the other one I said I would sign right away. That song choice was perfect for you- for your voice, for how you sing. You know who you are.

Mariah Carey: Sometimes I am so glad that the contestants get to choose their own songs. I love that song. I love your presentation.

After an impressive performance it was no surprise that Breanna joined Zoanette, Candice and Aubrey on the stools. Nicki Minaj delivered the good news.

I’m excited that you got a chance to come this far. I now no matter what this is a good experience. the good thing is you can always come back. You did a great job. You have a unique voice that we all talk about. Everyone couldn’t agree. The good news is you have so many amazing friends and family waiting for you at home. The bad news is they won’t be seeing you any time soon.

Do you agree with the decision?

by Melissa Warner on February 28th, 2013

Melissa is Unreality TV's X Factor USA expert, bringing you all the gossip on the contestants and religiously recapping their performances each week! You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+

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