American Idol 2013: Angie Miller Performs “Respectful” Version of “Yesterday”

Angie Miller - American Idol Season 12 contestant

Angie Miller took on the most covered Beatles songs of all time, “Yesterday,” on American Idol this week.

There isn’t much to say about how perfect Angie’s voice is. She’s always on pitch, has the clearest enunciation and connects with anything she sings. Tonight’s performance was good and moving in its own way. It was interesting to see her put her own runs in. This adds almost a shock as everyone in the crowd and at home is singing along. However, we know Angie is magical behind a piano and that magic could have happened tonight.

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The judges loved her version.

  • Randy Jackson: You are one of my favorites in this whole competition and I’ll tell you why. That was a stellar performance. You held back and unloaded from your heart. You gave us a twirl at the end in your vibrato. You have more of a rock edge, almost like Haley from Paramore and I love that. Never be afraid to show that. I don’t care who says what. Very good.
  • Mariah Carey: I agree. I really agree. I felt like you did a very respectful version of that song.. You showed your voice.
  • Keith Urban: That’s my favorite Beatles song. It’s one or two. This is what I like about you as an artist. For me watching you perform that song. I felt moments where you were trying desperately to stop hearing things people were telling you. You’d stop thinking about it and become Angie again. What I love about it you’re in there the whole time. I see through all of that.
  • Nicki Minaj: Unbelievably amazing.. You had a good key that showed your range all the way through. You will absolutely be doing soundtracks for movies. You can do anything you want. You can do anything with your voice. You are amazing.

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by Melissa Warner on March 21st, 2013

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