Mahershala Ali guest stars in Alcatraz’s Clarence Montgomery episode!

Guest star Mahershala Ali as Clarence Montgomery

Mahershala Ali running away from or toward something. We're not sure.

Mahershala Ali – star of Treme and Alphas – will be making a guest appearance on next week’s Alcatraz. He’ll play the convict of the title, Clarence Montgomery.

You know that old prison cliche, where the prisoner says “I’m an innocent man, I was framed”? Well, Clarence Montgomery is one of the rare cases where that’s true – he was innocent when convicted. However, when he resurfaces in the present day, Montgomery is committing crimes.

We predict a racially-motivated wrongful conviction storyline, with Clarence somehow being forced to comit crimes for whatever myserious organisation is behind the disappearance of the Alcatraz prisoners. And since there’s not much more we can tell you about the episode right now, here are a few selected publicity shots for your viewing (and spoiler speculating) pleasure:

Jorge Garcia in Alcatraz's Clarence Montgomery episode

Sarah Jones as Rebecca Madsen in Alcatraz

The Alcatraz Cast in Clarence Montgomery

Sam and Jorge giving the camera 110% mean n' moody stares

Doc and Rebecca in Alcatraz "Clarence Montgomery"

Bag that corpse up guys, we'll have it to-go.

The Alcatraz cast are: Sarah Jones as Detective Rebecca Madsen; Jorge Garcia as Dr. Diego Soto; Sam Neill as Emerson Hauser; Parminder Nagra as Lucy Banerjee; Robert Forster as Ray Archer; Jonny Coyne as Warden Edwin James; Jason Butler Harner as Associate Warden ED Tiller.

by Gerard McGarry on February 21st, 2012

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