AGT Host Nick Cannon Tells Radio Show About His Recent Kidney Failure

It was one of the scariest and personal photos Mariah Carey shared- a photo of hubby Nick Cannon attached to a bunch of machines in a Colorado hospital bed as he received treatment for kidney failure.

Over the holidays America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon found himself in a scary health crisis when his kidneys went into mild failure. Wife Mariah Carey kept fans informed via Twitter, breaking the news firsthand.

Nick told 92.3NOW exactly how he discovered he was ill and what treatment he underwent. The entire ordeal started as he tried to be “superman” tending for his sick wife and twin babies who were ill with colds. “I hadn’t slept for maybe four days because I was taking care of the kids,” he said. “Two days before New Year’s, I started to feel this horrible pain in my back,” he added that he thought he just hurt himself working out.

Mariah took him to the hospital when she found him lying on the floor unable to move. The doctors ran tests and found that both his kidneys weren’t functioning properly. “My immune system started to attack my kidneys … And my kidneys pretty much failed.”

The good new is Nick’s health improved and he was transferred from Colorado to Los Angeles. He was sent home, but had to return when his kidneys started hurting again. The AGT host is currently on the mend at home. “I’ve got to go back [to the doctor] a couple more times,” he added. “But I’m fine. I’m totally recovered.”

AGT is currently traveling across the country looking for new talent. We hope Nick’s 100 percent better soon!

by Melissa Warner on January 17th, 2012

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