30 Rock spoilers! Jack runs for mayor in The Tuxedo Begins

30 Rock: Liz Lemon dressed as a bag lady?

Is this a flash forward, or has Liz become a bag lady?

Coming up on tonight’s 30 Rock, titled The Tuxedo Begins, Jack Donaghy gets mugged and, in true Jack fashion he decides to run for mayor in an attempt to protect himself and his fat cat cronies.

Elsewhere, Liz Lemon is spotted witnessing a young girl arrive for the first time in New York and then later dressed as a rather convincing bag lady. Or witch. We’re just making wild guesses based on what’s in the promo pics for this episode.

Sarah Schenkkan guests as a young girl new to NYC

Liz Lemon goes dumpster diving

Yeah, she's become crazy cat lady from The Simpsons

And finally, Jenna and Paul (Will Forte) indulge in some kinky role-play by having a date in which they pretend to be normal people.

30 Rock: Jenna and Paul on a date

And finally, can someone please explain why Steve Buscemi isn’t credited as a guest star when he’s plainly pictured here in Jack’s office and later on dressed as a college student. In an AC/DC t-shirt. We have some theories…

Boardwalk Empire's Steve Buscemei makes an appearance on 30 Rock

WTF? What's Nucky doing at the Rock?

Steve Buscemi posing as a college kid

Could Steve Buscemi be starring in the sequel to Never Been Kissed?

Official Episode Synopsis: Jack is mugged and decides to run for mayor, while Jenna and Paul (guest star Will Forte) reach a new level in their relationship. Fed up with New York City after being mugged, Jack sets out to protect the safety of the city’s elite by announcing his run for mayor. Meanwhile, Liz revels in sacrificing the good of the city to look out for her own interests, and Jenna and Paul are thrilled by the perversion of acting like a normal couple.

by Gerard McGarry on February 16th, 2012

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